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  July 6 , 2010

NDT Solutions, Inc Signs Distribution Exclusivity Agreement with IMTT

NDT Solutions, Inc. ( and IMTT (RFEC) have reached a long term Distribution and Marketing agreement. This agreement gives NDTS Exclusive rights to the Remote Field Eddy Current (RFEC) technology and instrumentation as related to The Boeing Company’s MAUS/AUSS automated C-scan system family as well as any other automated and semi-automated scanning systems not produced by IMTT. The agreement also gives NDTS Non-Exclusive rights to distribute the remainder of the IMTT Remote Field Eddy Current Equipment and products.
NDT Solutions’ president, Jesse Skramstad, stated, “We are excited at the possibilities that this agreement brings to our customers. By combining IMTT's revolutionary GRFEC technologies with the Mobile AUtomated Scanner (MAUS) system brings the ability scan large areas to detect cracks and corrosion deeply hidden in thick multiple layer structures of different geometries. This provides the possibility of rapidly inspecting the integrity of large complex structures without structure disassembly.”
NDT Solutions, Inc. (NDTS) is a forward thinking, leading edge Non-Destructive Testing Solutions, sales and services company. They specialize in thinking outside the "Box" with innovative solutions to difficult inspection problems. Skramstad noted, “With over 200 years combined experience, our company team members are highly skilled and motivated and are ready to take on the most challenging projects.” NDTS is your source for the following products: MAUS® C-scan system, FlawInspecta® Ultrasonic array system, ANDSCAN® manual C-scan system and software, IrNDT State-of-the-Art thermography systems, EC/NDT eddy current products, NDT Systems ultrasonic equipment and transducers, Sonotech ultrasonic couplants as well as NDTS custom designed equipment and solutions.
IMTT (Innovative Materials Testing Technologies) a Broomfield Colorado company is a leading NDT manufacturing company that provides revolutionary eddy current NDT equipments and techniques. IMTT designs and manufactures General Remote Field Eddy Current (GRFEC) probes, scanners and Super Sensitive Eddy Current (SSEC) instruments for different NDT applications. IMTT's revolutionary GRFEC and SSEC technologies enable detection of cracks and corrosions deeply hidden in multiple layer structures of different geometries. This provides the possibility of inspecting integrity of complex structures without structure disassembly.

  Aug 26 , 2009  
  Wyle Laboratory (Prime contractor) joint with IMTT (Subcontractor) is awarded a Contract from FAA. The title of the project is "Development of Magnetic Carpet Probe MCP) Technology and its Application for Crack Detection on Aircraft Turbine Engine Component”..  
  May 4 , 2009  
  IMTT is awarded a new Phase I SBIR Project, Topic number AF083-240. Proposal Tile is: In-Situ Detection of Hidden General and Pitting Corrosion of Aircraft  structure.  
  April 10, 2009  
  IMTT received PO from Lockhead Martin Aero for an R&D topic titled: Develop Probe and Perform NDE through NAS1734 and TukLoc® Nuts using Remote Field Eddy Current (RFEC) Technology  
  February 18, 2009  
  Presentation and demonstration at Project Kick-off Meeting for SBIR Phase II Extension on F-15 Inspection Applications. Warner Robins Air Force Base (WR AFB), Georgia. Attendees include Air Force Research Laboratory, Boeing, WR AFB and IMTT  
  February 12, 2009  
Presentation and live demonstration at Final Review Meeting for SBIR Phase II Extension on A-10 Wing Attach Fitting through Busing Crack Detection, Hill AFB, UT. Attendees include Air Force Research Laboratory, Hill AFB, IMTT, etc.  
  February 6, 2009  
  Awarded SBIR Phase II Extension on F-15 Inspection Applications from US Air Force Research Laboratory  

January 22, 2009

  FAA-Engine Titanium Consortium (ETC) telecom: Review of IMTT’s test results on FAA-ECT III Project 1 – NDE of Manufacturing Induced Anomalies using Magnetic Carpet Probe (MCP) technique..  

July 31, 2008


Submission of Final Report on FAA Project Contract # DTFACT-04-C-00013 Item 2 Entitled “Development of Magnetic Carpet Probe (MCP) Technology For Rapid Large Area Engine Inspections”.


April 21, 2008


Presented paper entitled “Detection of Cracks in Aluminum Structure beneath Inconel Repair Bushings” by Kenneth LaCivita, AFRL, Yushi Sun, IMTT, and Richard Harrison, Hill AFB, at 2008 Aging Aircraft Conference, Phoenix Arizona.



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