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We have one of the best team whose members come from acdemicia and industry with strong research and design experience.
  Prof. YuShi Sun
President and Co-Founder
Prof. YuShi Sun is recognized wordwide for his significant scientific discoversies in the area of Flat Geometry Remote-field Eddy-Current (FG RFEC) technique. He has more than 18 years experiences in working with different RFEC techniques, as well as in finite element modeling of electromagnetic NDI phenomena. His past work have earned two US patents to date which cover IMTT's core technology. Prof. Sun is an active and Founder Member of International Computation Electromagnetics Society, COMPUMAG and was a Session Chair and a member of the Editorial Board for a number of international conferences in computational electromagnetics and electromagnetic NDE.


Tianhe Ouyang
Vice President of Engineering, Co-founder
With more than three decade experience in research and development on electronics and instruments, Tianhe is a veteran in EC and RFEC technology. In addition to her technical background, she also brings her expertise of engineering management to the team, which has developed a line of cutting edge NDI products for IMTT.

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