A Pioneer Of Revolutionary Remote Field Eddy Current


Founded in 1997, Innovative Materials Testing Technologies (IMTT) designs and manufactures Remote Field Eddy Current (RFEC) probes, scanners and Super Sensitive Eddy Current (SSEC) instruments for the applications of Nondestructive Testing (NDT). IMTT's revolutionary RFEC technology is enabling detection of cracks and corrosions deeply hidden in multiple layer structures of different geometries with high sensitivity. Besides, the instruments, equipped with most advanced computer and information technologies, also bring tremendous productivity and reliability to NDI challenges.

Headquartered in Colorado, IMTT expanded into it's west coast office in California for production and marketing in 2004.

"Quality, Productivity and Reliability and minimum Human Factor are our goals."

As a pioneer in revolutionary RFEC technology, IMTT continue to innovate in the field of NDT equipment's R&D, covering all areas including probe, scanner and instrument design and manufacturing. Today, IMTT carries a broad spectrum of NDT tools to provide a complete NDT solution for some of the most challenging NDT tasks.


IMTT headquarter:
9769 W. 119 Dr, Suite 27
Broomfield CO 80021
Tel: 303-554-8000
Fax: 303-554-8001

On July 6,2010 NDT Solutions, Inc Signs Distribution Agreement with IMTT For more information, please click here.

On August 26, 2009 Wyle Laboratory (Prime contractor) joint with IMTT (Subcontractor) is awarded a Contract from FAA. The title of the project is "Development of Magnetic Carpet Probe MCP) Technology and its Application for Crack Detection on Aircraft Turbine Engine Component”.

On May 4th, 2009, IMTT is awarded a new Phase I SBIR Project, Topic number AF083-240. Proposal Tile is: In-Situ Detection of Hidden General and Pitting Corrosion of Aircraft structure.

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